Welcome to Classic.Directory

Classic.Directory is a directory listing site for advertising classic cars, bikes and parts for sale, as well as advertising racing and restoration business services and all suppliers to the classic car industry.

Visitors to Classic.Directory you can search for a restorer, a specialist paint-shop, trimmer or manufacturer as well as searching for their next classic car or racecar.  Classic.Directory have even incorporated listings for Classic events, so you can look for the next rally, hill-climb, drive-in, or race event.

The classic network is supported by Historic Motor Racing News a printed monthly magazine sent to select list of Classic racing subscribers and also via a weekly digital newsletter  Auto Addicts.com mailed to a database of current classic racers and collectors. Both publishers boost the visibility of your advertisements to a wider global audience.

We have also built in a rating system for business services, so if you have had a good experience or some excellent service work carried please rate the business highly and help us share the knowledge of reputable businesses.

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