Classic.Directory is a trading name of RPM12 Ltd, PO Box 3292, Bristol, BS8 9HX.

RPM12 Ltd operate a virtual market place called Classic.Directory for advertising classic car sales and business services in partnership with the publication Historic Motor Racing News magazine and news broadcast service designed for sharing classic racing news and galleries.

Classic.Directory offer subscribers web space to advertise products, events and services related to the Classic car industry offering exposure to a network of targeted contacts in return for an advertising fee.

By agreeing to advertise your business, service, event or item on Classic.Directory you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions:

To the Advertiser

-Anyone can register on Classic.Directory from any country, including dealers and private owners. Only minors and those acting illegally are excluded and their ads will be removed.

-All content submitted must be legal, truthful and represent the item, vehicle or business service as accurately as possible. As the advertiser you are responsible for the presentation of your offer and keeping it up to date and truthful over time.

-Only products or services listed for which there is a relevant category may be listed.

-Spammers and those listing inappropriate products will be deleted and repeated listings will result in Classic.Directory seeking legal compensation from such activities.

-Offering several vehicles on one vehicle listing is not permitted, unless it is a business advert offering a list of services.

-Any photographs or video links uploaded to this site must be copyright free or in agreement with the photographer or videographer.

-Ads can be edited or deleted by the registered user at any time through your registered portal access. Lost or forgotten passcodes can also be recovered, we recommend you keep your passwords safe and protected at all times.

– Goods or services may be listed under several categories to aid search engines as long as they apply, however each item, event or service may only be listed once on the site.

-Unless renewed, ads will automatically expire at the end of their placement period, if you are using the Free 1 month trial, this can only be used once per item, service or event cannot renewed month on month. A maximum of 3 free ads can be placed per person or organisation.

– Payment must be made at the time the advert is placed and the advert may be deleted or delisted at any time, no refund will be made for any unexpired period of the advertisement. (The site is currently in Free Trial mode so this does not apply)

– Advertisers are asked to delete ads as soon as the item is no longer for sale, or the event has passed.

-If a user is interested in a product or service of a subscriber, you must contact them via the contact details advertised and your contract of business will then be conducted directly with this company or individual, outside of the scope of

Classic.Directory policy

-All submissions are subject to approval and may be deleted if deemed inappropriate or the content is not legible or the imagery is poor quality. (You will be offered a chance to rectify the image quality, but no refunds will be given for ads deleted due to inappropriate or substandard content.)

-As the advertiser we reserve the right to contact you about your ad when appropriate. This includes reminders to keep your ad up to date and when it is about to expire.

– Once the advertisement has been approved it will appear on the website for public viewing for the agreed period, upon expiration of the publication period the advertisement will automatically be de-activated.

– By agreeing to place your product or service on the site you are agreeing for this content to be seen on a public platform, and understand your content could be used by Classic.Directory, Historic Motor Racing News or for marketing or advertisement purposes. You understand it is also difficult to police any reproduction, publishing and editing and linking to Classic.Directory listings by third parties. (We do ask for written consent prior to any republishing.)

– Classic Directory offer a Dealer or Auction House Package, this offers unlimited number of listings for a set annual fee. The annual fee runs from the date it is set-up.

– Classic.Directory is a public site and data driven, we value our data, and promise to protect it from being sold or rented to third parties. The information submitted is on a public site and therefore could be used by spammers in a manner that you don’t agree with.

– Any registered users using the site to send, upload or publish offensive or inappropriate material to our audience will be deregistered, their ads deleted with no refund and their access to the site will be terminated.

– Classic.Directory will be vetting all submissions for quality and content however we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of descriptions from owners. Nor can we be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by error or omissions. We would strongly advice taking expert advise when purchasing or buying a classic car or service and we can even recommend experts in the field.

– Classic.Directory or its employers accept no responsibility for the operation or content of any third party web sites linked to this site.

– Classic.Directory, its employees and associated companies Auto Addicts, RPM12 Ltd and Historic Motor Racing News cannot be held account to any legal actions arising from inaccurate information published or any technical issues with the site.

– Classic.Diretory uses cookies to store information about visitors and preferences on which pages the user access or visit. Some of our Business listings may also use cookies and web beacons on their sites. Classic. Directory has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third party advertisers.

– If Classic.Directory decides to delete content or terminate a user who is seen to be publishing inappropriate or illegal content, they are fully within their rights to do so.

– Classic.Directory will endeavor to make the website live and available as much as possible, and try to limit down time and technical upgrades as much as possible. However, technical upgrades will be necessary from time to time to improve the service and capacity of the site. Classic.Directory reserves the right temporality restrict services from time to time for improvements and fixes.

-Classic.Directory reserve the right to change the fee structure and packages and services of the site at any time.

If you have any query regarding these Terms and Conditions please contact: or call us on: +44 (0) 7785 240121